Fall for Thousand Fell, the recycled shoes you should know about

We’re walking in the right direction to being sustainable shoppers, but want to know how to take a real step toward change?

The answer could be in your footwear, especially when you see how fashion forward being green can be.

Introducing Thousand Fell, the zero-waste shoe company with a mission to provide sustainable sneakers that are cute, comfortable and carbon neutral, plus a whole lot more. They offer three silhouette, with a white lace-up sneaker, a court sporty style and a comfy slip-on.

“We dream of a better tomorrow, so we make shoes with brighter futures, starting with the next generation of sneakers: durable, biodegradable, and recyclable,” reads a statement from the brand. “Every pair of Thousand Fells is backed by our commitment to building a better future and is always ready to recycle. When you’re done with yours, we’ll be here to take them back and keep them out of a landfill, whether by refurbishing them and donating them to someone in need or by ensuring that their raw materials are reused.”

Thousand Fell

You read that right. Not only are the shoes already made with recycled materials, but they can be recycled again once you’re done with them and ready for a new pair. Using this landing page on their site, get a prepaid shipping label and send off your shoes to be turned into a new pair for someone else. Plus, you’ll get a $20 recycling credit — it really is easy being green, huh?

Want more stats to back up the brand? They craft each shoe with materials like palm leaf fibers, coconut husk and even quartz used to make the shoes in addition to the plastic bottles and recycled rubber. The company also ships your sneakers in an eco-friendly way, wrapped in a reusable tote bag instead of tissue paper and shipped off in a recycled shoebox that also serves as the actual shipping packaging.

Shop sustainable sneakers now:

Thousand Fell

So can sustainability be stylish? The answer is yes, 100%. Browse women’s and men’s sneakers and you’ll find the quintessential White Lace Up, available both men’s and women’s sizing and a rainbow of colors to choose from when it comes to your accent color on the back and the tongue.

Thousand Fell also comes in a slip-on style as well as a court style for some added street cred, available in the same colors as the White Lace Ups. All three styles range from $145 to $155, which includes the $20 recycling deposit for your next pair.

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