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I get called 'dirty names' for not wanting to birth kids

Dear Abby advises a woman who doesn't want to give birth, a man with a short attention span, and a mother who wants to leave her kids a letter to...

Jalen Rose and Angelica Ross talk success & struggle

"Pose" actress and trans activist Angelica Ross is now a part of showbiz history.

Kids are 20% more likely to have ADHD, sleeping problems if mom took Tylenol while pregnant: study

Women who take painkillers could be increasing their baby's odds for developing attention disorders and sleeping problems, new research suggests.

Frightened NYC women stocking up on pepper spray as crime soars: 'It's crazy out there'

Though it's illegal to ship to a New York state address, pepper spray has become a coveted accessory in NYC.

Notorious 'Wall Street Whiz Kid' con man scamming Hollywood hipsters: report

David Bloom, 58, was convicted of million-dollar schemes in New York twice before allegedly taking his tricky act to Los Angeles. 

Terrified of subway attacks, New Yorkers turn to Vespas and Citi Bikes: 'I don't feel safe'

The MTA's latest rider survey found that just 33% of riders are happy with their security on trains, while 70% want more police.

I'm leaving my boyfriend — so we went on a 'breakup vacation' together

The viral vacay footage shows the ill-fated pair holding hands as they look out over a gloomy landscape.

2 dogs, a horse, cow and goat are in the running for 'America's Favorite Pet'

Group finals are currently underway and public votes will determine which pet is the preliminary winner on Thursday, Sept. 29.

Largest venomous spider creeps up on model from under toilet rim

It was a crappy-crawly encounter when this not-so-itsy bitsy spider climbed up the toilet rim.

Quality over quantity: Most would pay more for products that last a lifetime

Sustainability is all the rage.