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'Rehabbed' sex offender interviewed by Vice News sent d--k pic to producer

Vice chronicled the story of a man named "Aishef" and other convicted sex offenders who said they have had to serve additional time in prison.

Chris Wallace's CNN celeb talk show tanks in ratings

Sunday night's premiere of "Who's Talking to Chris Wallace" was watched by just 401,000 viewers.

NY Times staffers mull strike as management balks at salary demands

The guild representing Times journalists wants management to commit to an 8% annual salary increase year-over-year for a period of four years.

WFAN host eviscerates Robert Saleh, Jets in rant: 'Have seen nothing'

Robert Saleh said he'd keep receipts, and now the knives are coming out.

Abigail Disney disavowed her own film about terrorism under pressure from Muslim critics: report

Disney, the grandniece of Walt Disney, is the executive producer of "Jihad Rehab," a 110-minute long film that was directed by Meg Smaker.

Chris Cuomo: Interviewing brother on CNN was conflict of interest 'all day long'

"Did I think that they should be considered a conflict of interest?," Cuomo said of his interviews of his brother. "Ab initio, inherently all day long."

Matt Drudge slams 'dementing' Donald Trump for Ukraine war comments

The lead story on Drudge's news site The Drudge Report over the weekend included an unflattering image of the 45th president.

CNN host gets blunt with A-Rod, grills his dating habits

The CNN host challenged Jennifer Lopez's ex if he was "husband material" or simply incapable of settling down because he "just likes the chase."

'I love being with her': Donald Trump calls NYT reporter Maggie Haberman his 'psychiatrist'

According to Haberman, the remark by Trump was a "meaningless line, almost certainly intended to flatter."

Brett Favre's SiriusXM radio show on hold amid scandal

Brett Favre's SiriusXM show is on hold amid the former quarterback's alleged role in a Mississippi welfare scandal.