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A MIDSIZE content creator shared a quick, easy, and free hack she uses to temporarily alter her baggy dresses.

Emily, who goes by @emilylaukim on TikTok, can range anywhere from a size 8 to a size 16 depending on the brand. So, garments don’t always perfectly fit her midsize body type.

Emily showed off her dress, which was a bit bunchy around her waistCredit: TIKTOK/emilylaukim
She flipped her dress inside out to start her hackCredit: TIKTOK/emilylaukim

Wearing a BP. cotton mini dress from Nordstrom, Emily had bunching around her torso since the material wasn’t fully form-fitting and the style didn’t have a waist seam. 

Hoping to tighten the waist, she then shared a detailed, step-by-step trick to try. Emily cited that she previously found this hack through TikTok user @midsizefashioninspo.

“Step 1,” the words displayed on the screen read, followed by: “Turn your dress inside out.”

The video cut to Emily wearing her dress as such, with the inner seams facing outside.

The second step read to “tie the dress at the waist & in the spot you want ruching at.”

Emily demonstrated this by pulling at excess fabric towards one side of her stomach on the smallest part of her waist.

She used a standard hair tie to twist and securely tie that portion of the fabric. She pressed the hair tie against her stomach and pulled on the extra fabric to make it taut.

The third and final step was simply turning the dress right side out.

With the dress worn correctly, Emily showed a close-up of the new detail. The hair tie – now hidden under the dress – created a ruching illusion. The fabric pulled into a starburst-like effect.

Emily noted it was: “Subtle ruching to smooth [the] belly area.”

The excess fabric around her waist was now hidden inside of the dress, making it look more fitted and less droopy.

The other difference this trick made was slightly raising the hemline to give an asymmetrical look since the fabric was moved around.

Viewers were pleasantly surprised by the simple hack and seemed excited to try it on their own dresses.

Some who had tried it said the hair tie fell out when turning their dress right side out, so make sure to tie it as tightly as possible for the best results.

Emily tied a knot around extra fabric at her waistCredit: TIKTOK/emilylaukim
When she turned the dress right side out, there was ruching by the tied fabricCredit: TIKTOK/emilylaukim