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A COIN collector has revealed the exact details on a Kennedy half dollar that made it worth $48,000.

Eric Miller is a collector and expert who goes by the name the_coin_guy on TikTok.

Eric Miller is a coin collector and expert with over 4.3million TikTok followersCredit: thecoinchannel
This drip on the number four is an error that can be worth up to $48,000Credit: thecoinchannel

He typically posts videos about all kinds of coins and the exact details on what makes them rare or valuable.

Recently, he posted a TikTok sharing every major factor regarding the value of Kennedy half dollars.

Eric broke it down into three elements: composition, key dates, and valuable errors.

But first, a little history behind the coins.

The Kennedy half dollar

These coins were made shortly after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

The obverse depicts the head of Kennedy facing left, with LIBERTY above and to the sides, and the year below.

Additionally, IN GOD WE TRUST is in a straight line just above the date.

The reverse has the US Great Seal and is similar to the Heraldic Eagle from the early 19th century.

A few million of these were minted but as the denomination became antiquated, the silver composition was greatly reduced.

Key details to look for

Eric started with small amounts first.

He revealed that any half dollar between 1965 and 1970 is 40 percent silver and worth about $5 apiece.

Next, the 1964 Kennedy half dollar are all 90 percent silver and about $10 to $15 each.

Next up are the Not Intended For Circulation (NIFC) half dollars.

Any of these between the years 2002 and 2020 have a lower mintage than the rest, adding some value.

These can sell for about $3 to $4 apiece.

However, errors are where the big money is.

The FG can be found on the obverse right between the leg and tailCredit: thecoinchannel

On the 1972 Kennedy half dollar, Eric said to look for an ‘FG’ on the obverse and a ‘D’ mintmark, as these sell for about $400.

The letters are between the tail and the eagle’s leg.

Another error to look for is on the 1964 Kennedy half dollar.

Since these are made from 90 percent silver, the error to look for is found on the number four from the 1964 date.

If there is a silver drip on the bottom of the number, you’re in luck because that may be worth up to $48,000.

Check your coin's worth

Make sure to check your spare change for any rare pennies,nickels, dimes and other coins as many of them could sell for thousands.

Typically, the most valuable coins are ones with a low mintage or an error, as collectors find those coins are some of the rarest.

Additionally, coin experts will pay top dollar if they are also well-struck.

A great website to check if your coins are worth anything is eBay.

You just need to search the full coin name, select the "sold" listing and then toggle the search to "highest value”.

The Sun revealed how your quarter could be worth up to $6,000, see the exact detail to look for.

Plus, your dime could be worth significantly more than $250 if it has one key detail.